Contemporary inhabitants and cultural heritage

from 1.10.2022 to 15.12.2022

The holiday weeks were an opportunity not only for taking long journeys but also trips to the closer and more distant surroundings. During those trips or wanderings, you may have come across various monuments, memorial sites, natural monuments or other objects related to the past.

It is interesting how much attention did you pay to such objects? What is your attitude towards maintaining such spaces or objects which researchers call as ‘cultural heritage’? Do you see the need to keep them?

Your answers to these and similar questions will help to determine the direction of the necessary changes in relation to tangible and non-tangible remnants of the past.

The following questionnaire was prepared by an inter-university team of Polish researchers representing the humanities and social sciences, in cooperation with scientists from abroad.
The survey is anonymous. Its results will allow to define the role of cultural heritage in determining the directions of sustainable regional development plans.

You need 8 minutes to answer the questions.

We encourage you to participate in the survey and share your opinions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey questions.

By undertaking research, we intend to obtain data that will allow us to determine what is the contemporary attitude to cultural heritage. The project was initiated by an inter-university team of people associated with the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Opole University of Technology.

Thank You

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